Childbirth and Family Classes


At CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs, we are pleased to offer classes for expectant mothers, coaches (spouse, partner, family member or friend) and siblings. Our classes cover childbirth, newborn care and what to expect when you go home. Childbirth education can bring peace of mind and decrease anxiety about the upcoming birth of your baby.


We offer the following classes:

  • Express Class: New moms (coach highly encouraged to come) 
  • Refresher Class: Prepare for a new family member (coach highly encouraged to come) 
  • Sibling Class: Prepare siblings for a new baby




Childbirth Class Image
To sign-up for a class or learn more information, please reach out to Susan Johnson, RN BSN CBE BBCI, Gestational Diabetes Educator and Birthing Educator at (501) 622-4822.