Join us in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

And fully fund 3D Mammography for Southwest Arkansas


CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Cancer Center is committed to advancing treatment to save women’s lives. Early detection is key when it comes to crushing cancer! Every woman deserves the latest advancements in technology. 3D mammography offers women a more accurate way to detect abnormalities that could be life threatening.


Today, 3D mammography is not locally accessible in Hot Springs and Southwest Arkansas.

  • Arkansas ranks 8th in Breast Cancer deaths in U.S.
  • Arkansas ranks 41st for breast cancer screening of women 40+
  • Only 58% of Arkansas women are diagnosed with breast cancer at a localized stage when survival is highest

Fight Breast Cancer

3D mammography helps doctors find small tumors that may not be clearly visible with 2D mammography. Screening with 3D mammography detects up to 40% more invasive cancers, allowing earlier diagnosis and treatment. And when you’re dealing with the second leading cause of death for women in the U.S., early detection is your best defense.


You can make an impact in your community and save lives with a gift to our 3D Mammography fund dedicated to investing in advanced technology at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs


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