Advanced Treatment for Brain Tumors

The words “brain tumor” can be scary to hear. While the exact cause of brain tumors is unknown, experts are well informed about their diagnosis, types of tumors and treatment. When it comes to knowing how to care for you with initial symptoms, side effects or treatment, our medical team at the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute at CHI St. Vincent is here for you each step of the way.


What is a Brain Tumor?

In simple terms, a brain tumor is a mass of tissue formed by abnormal cells. Symptoms of a tumor can vary depending on the size, type and where it is located. Many people will experience severe and frequent headaches, vision problems (blurriness or double vision), seizures, balance issues and changes in speech and hearing. Our comprehensive team of experts will treat not only the tumor but also your side effects. You are in capable hands at CHI St. Vincent.

Factors like age, exposure to radiation and family history can increase your risk of developing a tumor. In the majority of cases, a neurological exam and imaging tests (CT scan or MRI) will be used to diagnose a brain tumor.

Many people classify these tumors as either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Even a benign tumor can cause serious issues depending on the location and how it affects other areas of the body. If you are dealing with cancer, our neuro-oncology team will provide you with the best, advanced treatment options for brain cancer. We have very positive outcomes, and our neurosurgeons perform tumor surgery every day.


Types of Brain Tumors

Tumors can fall into many categories, such as:


Brain Tumor Treatment

In many cases, treatment options for brain tumors will include surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation may also be used to shrink or kill the tumor or any remaining cancer cells after surgery.

No matter what your diagnosis may be, our caring and compassionate team at CHI St. Vincent in the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute is here to help. We are the place you want to come to manage care for a brain tumor. Whether you hear the words “cancer,” “surgery,” “radiation,” “inoperable,” “malignant” or “benign,” we will develop the best treatment plan for you. Give us a call or contact us today if you or a loved one is facing a brain tumor diagnosis.


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